Features and Interviews

Africa / 05.09.15

Interview with Eng. Reuben Okeke General Director, National Power Training of Nigeria (NAPTIN)

"NERC is the regulator and referee for all market players or participants in the Nigerian Power Sector. NAPTIN is the Agency set up and mandated to provide capacity building and coordinate training activities in the Power Sector....."

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Latin America / 08.10.12

Interview with Mr. Danilo Astori, Vice President of Uruguay

"()There is the huge potential the country offers for investment opportunities. We have many infrastructural requirements and that opens a lot of new possibilities. ..."

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Latin America / 08.12.12

Interview with Carolina Cosse, President of ANTEL, Uruguay'́s leading telecommunications company

"Like most of the world, Uruguay needs more people trained in IT. ANTEL is promoting a series of activities to stimulate the study of IT in Uruguay, because if we are going to undertake joint ventures with huge markets like China.."

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Latin America / 07.21.12

Interview with Mr. Alejandro Bulgheroni, President and Owner of Agroland, Uruguay

"Uruguay is well known globally for respecting all of its legal institutions and it is economically stable, which is expressed in the dialogue that the government keeps up with the opposition...."

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Latin America / 07.02.12

Interview with Mr. Juan Carlos Chomalí, Banco Santander Uruguay

"Uruguay is a country that has achieved a healthy balance between the wealthy and the less wealthy sectors. It is a country where the social equality is greater and that definitely allows more space for doing business...."

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