The leading national English-language newspaper in China

China Daily

Founded in 1981, China Daily is the first and foremost national English-language newspaper in China.

Abiding to the principle of helping the world know China better, it is widely recognized as China’s most authoritative English-language publication. For most of the world, China Daily is the only reliable Chinese publication, being the most frequently quoted by the international wire services, newspapers, magazines, and radio television stations.

China Daily is the first choice for affluent and internationally-minded readers. Typically, subscribers are business executives and senior managers from Chinese large and medium-sized enterprises, decision makers from foreign and Chinese government bodies, large companies, and scientific, economic and technological research institutes. More importantly, it is regarded as an irreplaceable channel for forward-looking government officials and business executives seeking business opportunities and the expansion of market share for their products.


China Daily Newspaper

  • Daily print media readership is 2.5 million.
  • 70 % of domestic subscribers are Chinese in China.
  • 78 % are decision makers in their field.

China Daily Online

  • 52 million daily hits.
  • 44 % of readers are Chinese.
  • 61 % of readers are educated to Masters degree level or higher.